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Damp Proofing from Plasterhawks

Damp in your property walls can occur when water from the ground water finds its way into the building structure through capillary action - usually described as rising damp.

Plasterhawks can successfully treat rising damp in walls by introducing a chemical damp proof course and replacing any damaged or contaminated plaster.  The products we use are fully compliant with British Standard 6576. 

If your damp problem is in a solid floor, Plasterhawks can treat the afflicted area with a liquid damp proof membrane which is finished with a protective screed layer.


Chemical Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is necessary to stop your walls soaking up water from the ground.  Most modern buildings are built with a strong Damp Proof Course just above the foundations which acts as a physical barrier to prevent damp from rising up the wall structure.

Many older buildings either did not have a damp course installed in the first place, or the original material has broken down over time leaving the walls unprotected against rising damp.  This is where Plasterhawks Chemical Damp Proofing Process can be applied.  

The Chemical DPC (Damp Proof Course) is pumped into holes that are drilled into the wall.  When it reaches moisture, a chemical reaction occurs which creates a permanent water barrier. 

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